NOTE – We are no longer taking applications for this opportunity, but please subscribe to this site to be aware of future opportunities and/or follow our progress. Thanks for your interest!

Earn Money Debating Climate Change

We are currently seeking two individuals on a temporary, part-time basis to help test and refine our new debate methodology.

This work can be done online from your location around your own schedule.

We are looking for people who already spend some of their free time debating others, online or off. You should view this as an opportunity to make a little spending money while doing what you already enjoy.

At this time we are looking for two individuals to debate issues around climate change. Specifically:

“Should the US government enact policies aimed at significantly reducing domestic CO2 emissions due to concerns about climate change?”

We are looking for one person to argue the affirmative and one the negative.

Qualified individuals will:

  • Genuinely hold their position on the question and care about the issue
  • Be reasonably well-informed on underlying topics: climate change science, alternative energy, etc, and/or be willing to conduct independent research on these topics
  • Have a genuine passion for debate
  • Be willing and able to employ solid arguments based on reason and evidence
  • Argue from a relatively mainstream secular position (not from mysticism, religion, or supernatural viewpoints)
  • Be bright and articulate and able to think abstractly
  • Be willing to try something new
  • Ideally be located in the US Eastern or Central time zone (for coordination purposes)

To apply, please email with a brief description of yourself and how you meet these qualifications. And let us know which side you want to argue. No need to be overly formal and no resume required. Feel free to send us any questions as well.

Thank you!