Project Archipelago is just getting underway.  Scroll down for ways that you can help!

Current Focus

Our primary focus over the coming weeks is to build a community of people who appreciate our vision of a debate forum based on argument construction rather than dialogue.

We have two major goals at this time. One, to raise the funds necessary to develop our software and undertake related activities to be ready for version 1 launch. Two, to build a community of people of varying backgrounds and interests that can help promote and utilize the system to build momentum once launched.

We are assuming that a Kickstarter (or equivalent) funding campaign will be necessary for raising the funds we need to get to launch. Our current plan is to establish a solid following that will commit in advance to contributing some amount once that campaign is initiated. That will set the stage for us to get a good start off the block, which is key to garnering attention on crowd-funding platforms.

Everything we’ve done up until now is aimed at getting that initial promised backing.

How You Can Help

Here’s a list of things you can do.

  1. Sign up for our Email List! Scroll down for the form…
  2. Tell a Friend – or 100 Friends – or More. If you know someone who is going to like this – pass it on! If you are willing to share our website with your network of friends and/or coworkers, please do so! If you Facebook, post us. If you Twitter, tweet us. You know what to do.
  3. Tell a Stranger – or 1,000 Strangers. Take some time to think about the podcasts, publications, media outlets, clubs, classes, newsgroups and message boards – whatever and wherever – that involve people debating, or people with a strong interest in debate. Consider sending a message or making a post letting folks know about this project. If people see this in more than one place, it significantly increases our chances of having them check it out.
  4. Commit to Participate in our Upcoming Funding Campaign. We’d love to add you to this critical list of committed early funders. We can’t (and won’t) hold you to it, but knowing your intention to pitch in some amount – large or small – based on what you’ve learned here would help us tremendously. Just email us to let us know and we’ll let you know when that campaign gets underway.
  5. Help with Communication and Marketing. You may have noticed – we’re not exactly marketing gurus over here. We think that MEAC is a compelling concept in and of itself, but if you’ve got the skills to help us give it the polish and shine it deserves, please let us know.
  6. Share Your Ideas and Critical Feedback. Give us your thoughts on anything we could be doing better. We’re always open to your ideas.
  7. Provide Moral Support. Please drop us an email just to let us know you support the project.

Thanks for anything and everything you can contribute from the list above. Let’s get this thing done.

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